So I’m guessing Soros and Company have told Joe??

This “slip” came first . . .

And then . . .

I have to wonder if the soros fucks have told joe – don’t worry – you will have unlimited photo ops of young girls sitting on your lap – I’m sure that would keep him happy . . .

At the signing of the act of treason known as the affordable health care act – joe was totally fucking lost – he was so fucking clueless at that point in his life that he told barry soetoro – “this is a big fucking deal” – I mean really?? – I’m sure his handlers told him keep it together long enough to intro barry and we will get some little girls in here so you can fondle er.. get some photo op pics taken – go joe . . .

And here is another link to it . . .

I love the “clue” drops – I wonder how close to the election date the all great and powerful wizards in the media will decide to “illuminate” the great unwashed masses??

It is creatures like this that give masonry a bad reputation – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Monday night is for bowling, Tuesday night is for Lodge, and Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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