AREX Delta Wrap Up

I was going to post a pile of pics showing the “innards” of a Glock vs a Delta – then go to great lengths pontificating on the differences between them and then surmise how much better the Delta is . . .

The Delta is every bit as good ( and better in some respects ) as a Glock construction wise – and love them or hate them Glocks are the standard for striker fired pistols – but to look at a bunch of pics – side by side – hard to “see” the differences – but when you add operating ergonomics and handling ergonomics to the mix – the AREX Delta is a far better pistol . . .

All the stuff you see below comes in the box plus the owners manual – lock – and the box has a real hinge . . . If you have ever had one of the thin plastic strips some manufacturers use for a hinge break in the middle of winter in South Dakota YOU know what I’m talking about . . .

The pistol is ambidextrous out of the box – slide release and mag release work from either side – no having to switch the mag release from one side to the other – ambi slide release – I be loving it!! – it’s good to go for weak hand shooting – whether you are a lefty or a righty . . .

The trigger is real nice – as good as or better than an out of the box Glock – and the reset is hard to believe for a striker fired pistolvery short reset – some of the reviews out there comment on a “scratchy – plastic “drag” feeling up to the trigger break – that may have been an initial production issue that was resolved as I am getting none of that with this pistol – smooth up to the break – I’m getting clean / consistent breaks at just over 6 pounds.

Where the AREX Delta really shines is the handling ergos – for you righty’s out there – a place for both thumbs ( Thumbs Forward!! ) – slide and mag release have good tactile feel – easy to use . . .

And a good parking place for you trigger finger on either side . . .

And for you lefty’s – the same deal – sweet stuff!! – It shoots almost as good left handed for me as right – I just need to practice more . . . If anyone has several thousand rounds of 9mm they want to donate – LMAO!!

Got in tight with these pics so you could get an idea of the texturing and also a close look at the slide cuts . . .

The slide cuts are almost strange looking but they work really well – easy to grips bare handed and work great with gloves! – and you haven’t had real “fun” shooting until you are in the middle of white out conditions at 12 degrees in South Dakota running and gunning paper that you can barely see! . . . Would that make me hardcore or stupid or both?? Don’t answer that . . .

Ready for some boring stuff? -The stats? – ok – here some numbers and such for you . . .

Caliber 9 x 19 mm
Length 7.0 inches
Height 5.0 inches
Width 1.18 inches
Barrel length 4.0 inches
Weight w/o mag 19.2 oz
Weight w mag 22.2 oz
Frame Polymer // Black color
Slide Nitrocarburized steel // Graphite black color
Sights Low profile steel sights

and the whole list of “stuff” . . .

Nitrocarburized stainless steel slide.

Nitrocarburized steel parts.

4″ Cold hammer forged barrel.

Front and rear slide serrations

Polymer frame.

Striker fired, double action trigger system.

Crisp, short reset trigger.

Low profile ambidextrous magazine release.

Low profile ambidextrous slide lock/release.

Four interchangeable backstraps.

One slot picatinny rail.

Low profile steel sights.

Rear sight can be used for one handed racking of the slide.

Trigger safety.

Striker indicator, and loaded chamber indicator.

Easy takedown, without having to pull the trigger.

One 15 round flush fit, and one 17 round extended magazine.

Compact cleaning kit.

The Delta loaded with 16 +1 with 115 grain ( can’t quite get that 17th round in the mag ) – 28.6 oz

1911 45 acp Government Model EMPTY with mag – 38.9 oz

Over 10 oz difference and the 1911 – it’s empty – the Delta is loaded . . . On board – 18 rounds / Delta vs 9 rounds / 1911 ( once the springs loosen up a bit on the Delta mags ) – 17 rounds reloads for the Delta vs 8 rounds for the 1911 . . .

Folks – I am enamored with the 1911 platform – However – I admit I am carrying the Delta – not all the time – I don’t want to go into 1911 withdrawal ! – but I am carrying it – It’s Just that Good!

The Delta is not a revolutionary design – BUT – it certainly is an evolutionary design – Recommend it?? – very simply – Yes – pick one up and you “feel” the difference – shoot several hundred rounds through it to “tune it in” – which back strap – proper grip – sight picture and you will be pleased with it . . .

Here’s a review from Mr. Guns and Gear – click to go to to his channel . . .

And this from Polenar Tactical – click to go to their channel . . .

My Blushing Bride says I watch Polenar Tactical videos just to see Manca – she might have a point . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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