Range Date Night

We had a date night at the range and grabbed some take out on the way home – the older you get it seems like simple stuff is plenty satisfying – just saying . . .

My Blushing Bride shot the Arex Delta – the ergo’s just didn’t do a thing for her – she totally understands shooting as many different firearms as she can get her hands on – you never know what you may “find” laying on the ground to utilize . . .

She just isn’t feeling the love with it . . .

She split between the dot added to the center and the upper right – the upper left I did a mag dump with it – it works for me -for her, not so much . . .

This next target – instead of another mag for the Delta I handed her the CZ75 – I told her shoot 1 – 2 – 3 – then 4 – – She was shooting at the numbers not the little black squares – I’m like no – that’s the order to shoot at them in – the last 5 rounds – she shot 3 at the black square “by” the number 4 and two by the number 3 . . .

Finished her with her CZ75 @ 7 yds as fast as she could fire and feel like she could get a hit – about 1 second splits . . .

My Blushing Bride is really loving her trigger time with the CZ75 . . . She has actually taken to it like a duck to water – but – she still won’t let go of my Rami 2075 – LMAO!

The folks at Inner10 have actually gotten some stock in – good to see “stuff” in the display cases – ammo?? – they are just managing to keep up with ammo for range shooting – and I have to ask – Have YOU been to the range this week??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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