The What & the Why – Backup Gun or Not? A Bug Might Just Save Your Life

by Doug Larson on October 25, 2020

“What are you afraid of?” is a sarcastic question that cops ask sometimes when they encounter a non-sworn civilian – cops are sworn, but they’re still civilians – who carries more than one gun. They apparently think that carrying more than one gun is unnecessary and paranoid. The peace officer that asks that question usually does not carry a backup gun (BUG).

Many in law enforcement, even though they carry a gun daily in case they need it, view guns as just another piece of equipment and haven’t really thought through what might happen if they really need it. If they had, they would realize that guns, even very high quality, expensive, reliable guns, sometimes fail in the middle of a fight. If that happens, having a spare is something that they are really, really going to need.

Although law enforcement officers may have a greater likelihood of needing a gun to defend themselves, a non-sworn civilian occupies the same territory that cops operate in and encounter the same people that cops do. And sometimes those same people prey on the non-sworn civilian, threatening life or serious bodily injury. While needing a gun may be less frequent for the common citizen, it still happens regularly and a primary gun just might not be all that is needed to save that person’s life.

From Guns America – Go to the article HERE – or their main site HERE . . .

My typical EDC ( Every Day Carry ) – and yes – I have multiple fire extinguishers throughout the house . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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