Union leader calls out Biden for false endorsement claim

Reliable ( that is the KEY ) power generation requires massive steam driven generation plants – THAT requires coal or natural gas – let’s put this in perspective – if ALL energy needs were converted to natural gas – fuel cells for your house – LNG tanks for your vehicle – put the pipelines in place ( high pressure / high volume ) to supply the coal fired electricity generation plants and convert ALL of them to natural gas – Would we have enough?? With the easily accessible, PROVEN natural gas reserves – the simple answer is yes – for somewhere between 6 to 8 thousand years – and folks – natural gas burns clean – Hell’s Bells the state of the art coal burners are almost as good as natural gas – how are they planning on farming – processing the food – moving stuff to market – with wind and solar?? – their not – these commies are quite willing to let YOU starve to death – Do you ever wonder why the great goddess greta and her handler soros are not raising Hell about the pollution that china puts out daily?? – because china is already a communist country – paris climate accords my ass – france is a joke – after the commies ran them out of vietnam they were shipping arms into hiaphong harbor to the communists – if you wanted to bring your military career to a screeching halt just suggest bombing the crap out of hiaphong and its harbor facilities – can’t do that – we might damage or sink a french flagged vessels and since they are our nato allies that would be a bad thing – The Fuck You Say!!

The demonrat party – working to enslave humanity since the Garden of Eden . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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