The Fight is Unavoidable at this Time. Freedom is on the Line. We Owe these Traitors Nothing: Not Respect, Not Decency, Not Mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!

“I wasn’t going to write anything today, but now I feel the need to voice some things.

The fix is in folks. They are stealing this election right in front of our very eyes. How you say? I’ll give you just a couple of examples. First off, overnight in Michigan, Biden gets an infusion of 138,339 votes, but nobody else gets not one single vote, not one? Second, in Wisconsin, Trump was leading by 110k votes with 93% reporting. Now Biden is up by 20k with 95% reporting. The only way that 400k votes equals 2% is if there were 20 million votes. They are stealing Wisconsin. These are just two examples of mathematical impossibilities.

Our country is now lost. Now what are you/we going to do about it?

Are we going to watch our country be stolen from us and do nothing? Or will we fight?”

< CLICK THROUGH to NC RENAGADES and read the rest >

And while you are working your way through the math – yes the numbers ARE not possible – Wisconsin now has more votes than registered voters – nothing to see here- move along . . .

And when your done with your math homework come back and watch President – Elect Harris explain “equity equality” – and that creature’s definition of equity is ANYTHING YOU OWN – the equity in your house – car – 401k – checking and savings – food – health care – utilities – in order to achieve “equality” everything you could possibly lay claim to as “equity” – EVERY. FUCKING. THING. – will be seized and redistributed “equally” – I bet President – Elect Harris’s little RED panties are wet at the thought of so much control over YOU!

Somewhere between 16 and 22 TRILLION dollars have been taken from Americans – at the point of a gun I might add – and spent on the “Great Society” program that the worthless fuck known as LBJ started circa 1965 – that’s a real success story . . .

All Hail the State – The Giver of All Good Gifts and Graces . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads used to be Cheap until the government seized them all so they could be re-distributed equally . . .

Well – we know the answer to that one don’t we . . .

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