Just a Thought . . .

We all know the “24-7 365 News” outlets are lying liars lying – given that for the past 4 years they have lied to us and promoted lies by politicians ( see – I can call them something other than commie fucks! ) their viewer numbers were dropping below ground level – advertising revenue – What’s that?? – the “news networks” were becoming at best tax write offs . . .

I mean you can only hold peoples attention with a dempanic pandemic lie for only so long – they start to realize it has a 99.9 + % survival rate and the excitement starts to wane – viewer numbers start dropping – ad revenue starts declining . . .

With that in mind – You have to wonder what they are NOW charging for 30 second spots – and the longer “they” can promote this “our current election crisis” how much those rate card prices will increase . . .

DAMN – Bruce are you that cynical ??? Yes as a matter of fact I am . . .

Honest question for you folks – Which camp are you in?? Epstein killed himself or he didn’t kill himself?? – FORGOT all about THAT didn’t you?? Almost like all this shit coming at you was designed specifically to replace those thoughts in your mind. . .

Me?? – Epstein killed himself – No he didn’t – Yes He Did! – No He Didn’t! – Folks – anybody that thinks Epstein is dead is not paying attention . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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