Boycott the Harris/Biden Economy!! Use It Up – Wear It Out – Make It Do – Or Do Without.

One thing I did years and years ago that I am glad for to this very day – I took the Evelyn Woods Speed Reading course – I average just over 4 1/2 hours a day going through “stuff” on the internet – articles AND comments – here’s two comments for you . . .

First off – before you scoff at this the legal precedent has already been set through the establishment of “sanctuary cities/states” – set up to protect the invaders – excuse me – future communist demonrat voters . . .

Buckle up, people. We’re going to see prolonged challenges to this seemingly “stolen” election, and conservative leaders (Mayors, Sheriffs, Governors?) denouncing the results and declaring themselves as sanctuaries from Leftist legislation, all to protect the Constitution. Organizations will join (if they haven’t led the efforts already), and millions of people will begin joining and supporting sides.

We are witnessing a Marxist coup unfolding before our eyes. Something nobody would have believed only a year ago. Something our grandparents and great-grandparents fought against in WWII, and subsequent generations guarded against in the Cold War with the U.S.S.R. Something that McCarthy fought against (albeit harshly) from within our own Congress only two generations ago. And now…those very Communists have managed to wrest control and are ready to transform our beloved America into their vision of Marxism.

Patriots, guard yourselves. Today we become Minutemen.

And this . . .

IF Biden/Harris actually do win (either legit or by stealing the election), buy all the useless stuff you want to now. That Ronco Salad Shooter, that ACME square bowling ball etc. while Trump is in office!
Then, on the B/H inauguration, stop buying anything except food, medical supplies, firearms, ammo and associated items. Obviously buy things you need like new brakes for the truck, washer if the old one goes beyond repair (still better to repair it yourself, but sometimes not worth it).
Stop going to fast food places, or dining out at chain restaurants or ordering in from those chains. Make your food at home.
Stop using Fakebook, Twitter, and all those other social media sites.
Get ever single person who voted for Trump to do that, and the Biden/Harris admin will have an non-COVID economy induced collapse.
What will get more news and attention than when half of the country stops spending on anything outside of the essentials?
Let the Biden/Harris admin suck on 1 or 4 years of economic flat line.
Boycott the Biden/Harris economy!

I like this line of thinking . . .

Folks it is simple as can be – just remove YOUR money from circulation – completely step out of the economy – unless it is ammo – basic food stuffs – absolute bare get by minimums – don’t spend money – period . . . If at all possible remove every penny you can from any retirement vehicle as soon as possible – before it is seized in the name of “equity equality” – remove every penny possible from bank accounts – reduce car and house insurance to bare minimums – siding needs repair?? – patch it – don’t replace it- run them tires until they become “may pops” – don’t spend a single fucking penny. period.

The biggest single “tipping point” issue is the money stopped flowing out to the Saudi’s for oil – which meant the money stopped flowing from the Saudi’s back into the treasonous politicians pockets in this country – PAY ATTENTION – The media scum can’t sell advertising for their news programs – If It Bleeds/It Leads – next thing you know we would start bringing troops home – no more American boy’s blood for oil – can’t be stopping that – can we??

These shirts are already available for sale HERE . . .

Funny Fuck Joe Biden And Fuck Kamala Harris And Fuck You Too Shirt

Use It Up – Wear It Out – Make It Do – Or Do Without!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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