Saturday Nite Range and Dinner Date . . .

Got out to the Inner10 for some range time – this is a cold start with the the Arex Delta – pull it out of the bag – stick a magazine in it – dump mag . . . it was GOOD!!

I ran a rapid mag – about 2 shots a second – through the CZ75B . . .

Mozambique drills – three as fast as I could run – 2 chest/one head – gun down to low ready then three more and on – the 10th round went into the wide hole in the red chest box

Another Delta mag dump . . .

And my Blushing Bride . . .

2 mags worth as fast as I felt I could hit . . .

My Blushing Bride’s cold start – 10 at the center – the rest upper left . . .

She threw the last 5 – I’m like what?? She’s like – I’m hungry – I’m like , ok , don’t throw anymore ammo away!!

If you are ever in the area . . .

Just south of 90th and Maple – neat little place . . . < go to their web site HERE >

My Blushing Bride had The Triple Crown Delight – Shrimp, beef, and chicken with broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms in chef’s special brown sauce . . .

I had the PHO – I’m not saying it was good but my Blushing Bride said if I didn’t stop licking the empty bowl she was going to slap the . . . . out of me!!

Shrimp egg rolls and an order of fried pork dumplings for appetizers – Mmmmm . . .

Bill was about 35 bucks plus a tip – WORTH EVERY PENNY – Really Good Food!

Have YOU taken your Better Half to the range this week?? Or a bite to eat?? If not – why not??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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