Just want to get This out There – Tucker Carlson Did Not Kill Himself!!

Folks – if the communists steal this – take your money and leave – it’s just that simple – you don’t need that second vacation cabin – that 100,000 + dollar RV – you don’t need any of it – we are setting up to retire – we will not support communist pedophiles with continuing to pay over 45,000 a year in taxes – and looking around there aren’t enough gender studies majors making 150,000 a year to replace the tax base that is prepared to “leave” the table – set it up so you can simply push your chair back from the table – stand up and walk away . . .

The vast majority of republican voters are the people bankrolling this pile of spending . . . If 10 million step out of the game – that is the rough number that can retire NOW – if they walk away from it – the results will be FUN to watch – We ( and a great number of YOU folks as well ) have been at the point of diminishing returns for a good while now . . .

If you don’t get the vaccine – we will withhold your social security – OK . . .

If you don’t get the vaccine – we will withhold your your medicare/medicaid – OK

If you don’t get the vaccine – Jail!! – How in the fuck do you lock up 70 million people?

These communists have made a grave mistake – when you are old enough that neither death nor life in prison makes you blink . . .

Just don’t play the fucking game – if you need this and that and two of these – Folks you will work until you drop – which is what they are hoping for – keep grumbling – keep chasing that dollar – keep raising your expectations for retirement – YOU will never retire – or just step away from the rat race – kick back – and enjoy your life . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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