From Red Pill Jew / Quick Take: An email from a friend, and my added thoughts

An email from a friend, posted anonymously with permission… while I pull together a delayed Wednesday Whittle.  And thoughts from yours truly at the end.

(I fixed a couple of small spelling errors, but otherwise this is verbatim.)


Hi All,

I see that the MSM has been calling Biden the “president-elect” and clamoring for the reins of government to be quickly turned over to him.  This is very disturbing, as the election was BLATENTLY stolen, and there are still at least 5 states in play, with enough electoral votes to swing it either way. But the MSM is not even mentioning the fraud, the court cases, or any of that.  As far as they are concerned, Biden is the anointed one, and everybody better get with the program. Even Fox News has sold out.  They cut off the President’s press secretary recently when she tried to mention the obvious fraud and pending court cases.  They literally censored her (cut her signal) in the middle of her presentation when she started talking about the possibility that Trump can still win.  Twitter, Facebook, & Google are ALL banning any discussion about the court cases, ballot fraud, or even the statistical analysis that SHOWS the vote was rigged.  As far as the liberals are concerned, Trump has already lost and Biden is “the one”.  And this is being actively bolstered by both the MSM & social (socialist) media by calling Biden the “president-elect”, and showing the left having their victory parties.  They are licking their chops about getting hold of the Presidency & being able to turn the power of the government against “old white conservative deplorables”. 

The MSM knows it’s lost any credibility with most of the country, and they are probably also concerned about being held legally liable for many of the criminally false (and potentially treasonous) statements they’ve been making, as well as the deliberate censorship of anything that may hurt Biden (which could sway public opinion away from him).  They KNOW they are neck deep in this attempt to throw the election, and as a result, they KNOW they are cooked if Trump wins, so they are willing do ANYTHING to make sure Biden wins.  Because if he does, all the investigation into the Biden family, the deep state, the FBI, the media, and any election fraud simply goes away.

Here’s what I predict will happen:

I urge all of you folks to go HERE and read the rest of it and his take on “it”

Folks you really have no idea – do you?? Guess who is coming for dinner to protect THEIR vested interest in their bought and paid for chattel property?? By fraud or by force – or both – Pedo Joe is going to be crowned “King Of The World” . . . Have another LINK about our unexpected dinner guests . . .

One of these first fine days I will give all y’all about 10,000 words or so of a few of my random thoughts – if I can figure out a way to get everyone to sign waivers – I refuse to be held responsible for any and all damages – mental, emotional, etc.

I will leave you with this for now . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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