16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits Full Album [1978]

One of my favorite “Truckin” albums . . . and how fast those trucks ‘ll go . . .

I wonder how the truckers strike that is supposed to happen the 29th of this month will work out – if it’s actually done – and done right and hard – YOU have to ask yourself – Will these idiots starve to death happy knowing that there isn’t any evil oil products being burnt to feed them – I have run across more than one of these watermelons ( green on the outside – red on the inside ) over the years and when you get right in the middle of their shit and dare them to go for the green – give up everything that has anything to do with oil – seems like their not quite as committed to the cause as they thought they were. Part of that is there is some level of thinking required – which leaves the vast majority of them at a disadvantage – they tend to get all twitchy when you point out that virtually 100% of everything they touch came to them on a truck . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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