Biden Cancer Initiative Gave Exactly Zero Dollars To Cancer Research

In the final months of his lame duck 2nd Term, Barack Obama appointed Joe Biden the head of his “Moonshot” to cure cancer. Unable to cure cancer in a couple of months, Biden started his own foundation to cure cancer. So far the foundation has wasted millions of dollars on bloated salaries but committed no money towards cancer research. Joe’s as good at curing cancer as he is at knowing where he is or who he’s married to.

Remember how much of a fit the liberal media pitched, claiming various Trump charities had failed to deliver, only to quietly walk back the allegations because they weren’t true? Well, here’s a charity that really has failed to deliver, but it’s Joe Biden’s so the same liberal media is ignoring it.

The NY Post reports:

Click on through and read about what kind of thieving fuck you are dealing with . . .

Of course most of you folks already know or you wouldn’t be here – LMAO!

Folks – the big D after their names tells you EVERYTHING you need to know . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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