Cold War Warriors

Overheard in a deep, though well lit hole – “I should be back at my desk checking the drawings on this pile of shit – not in this fucking hole checking the actual installation against the drawing specs – why did I ever allow myself to be conned into this shit?” — “The Money . . . remember? – the money!” — NTS – Hotter than all get out in the day time – cold – yes cold at night – and nights?? – The strange howling you heard – your imagination could get the better of you . . . – That Strange Howling?? – YEARS later found out it was the high volume high pressure air bleed out of MILES of piping going into Project Pluto’s engine testing program . . . Who knew – at the time compartmentalization was beyond belief – half the time ( or more ) you had no clue what even you were working on let alone how any of the pieces could relate to one another.

Anyway – On with the show . . .

At least one section’s unofficial motto – “Fuck Atoms for Peace – let’s nuke these assholes and be done with It!” – those were the days my friend . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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