Christmas is Coming

Well the fun part is when you get old enough – Christmas decorations take roughly 10 minutes to set up. What takes the longest is remembering where you put them last year.

Of course the Traditional Leg Lamp . . .

And the tree . . .

Even the decoration is in “The Spirit of the Season” . . .

Sent the kids and the older grand kids checks – and since I can’t quite wrap my head around great grand kids – sent the ankle biters and the little ones a few toys – thanks Amazon !

A couple of things for a few people locally and it’s a wrap . . .

I do believe Rudolph is done taking any shit from all of the other reindeer . . .

Looks like Santa may have to find alternate means of transportation – don’t worry kids – he can handle it!!

Have Fun! – And don’t y’all worry – I am going to have fun with these postings all the way through Christmas! – Run the Gun! – Range memberships make GREAT gifts!! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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