Fatalistic or Realistic?? YOU Really Won’t Like This . . .

I pretty much agree with this guy. Let’s take New York State as an example – SAFE Act passed – must register my “assault weapon” – what ever the fuck the crooks in charge determine “that ” to be – an estimated 5% compliance rate – after watching what the criminals in charge did and are doing to you folks – I have a question – If you are not willing to use them now – when exactly are you going to do something that even smells American?? When the aliens come down in their space ships and start attacking??

Michigan?? 14 people involved in an alleged plot of some sort against the state government – 2 were charged – the other 12?? State and federal law enforcement setting these stupid fucks up . . .

Patriot sites by the hundreds on the internet – really? – no names but I know of two of them that are directly connected to law enforcement . . . and at least two others that are ran by “owned ” people . . .

Jean has a long mustache – Wound My Heart With Monotonous Languor – the chair is against the walland I had to use this – Good Luck with all that . . . The BBC ain’t what it used to was . . .

Some days I am just a ray of fucking sunshine – Thank You, Thank You Very Much . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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