From the party of “you don’t need an ID to vote” comes “show me your papers” to go anywhere and do anything.

Read the article at Zero Hedge . . .

‘Immunity Cards’ To Be Issued To All Americans; Enable CDC To Track COVID-19 Vaxx Status In Database . . .

On Wednesday the Department of Defense released the first images of a COVID-19 vaccination record card as well as vaccination kits, according to CNN.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” says Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition. “Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.”

What’s more, vaccination clinics will also report to their state immunization registries which vaccine was given so that third parties can verify one’s vaccination status regardless of what their card says (or if they’ve lost it).

Is it just me or does anyone else see this NOT ending well??

THINK PEOPLE – just like your debit card card – the clerk scans it – if your in the system you can buy – gas / utilities / food / clothing / medical services – if your not in the system I am sure the “authorities” will be responding before the clerk even hands you your card back . . . depending on location and access routes etc. – it could be “difficult” for the response teams I imagine . . . Traffic – road construction etc. can be a bitch . . .

So my thought would be since the DoD is in charge – Martial Law?? – no declaration of Martial Law the U.S. military has NO jurisdiction – Refusal to be saved from a disease that has a mortality rate hovering right at .00025% will likely lead to a violent death – The Fuck You Say!

Let’s play numbers – it’s a fun game – 100 million American gun owners – ALL military / police /reserves – ALL of it world wide – every man and women on the planet earth capable of bearing arms against We the People – 14 million – yea I know it’s probably less but I rounded up – not even allowing for the logistics involved – just straight numbers – trade them one for one – it is just that simple – when the dust finally settles there are still 86 million American gun owners and every man and woman capable of bearing arms against We the People are dead – and for fuck’s sake don’t bury them! – Bio-diesel and fertilizer!! waste not – want not . . .

And speaking of Fun – Have a Fun Fact!

I see they spelled Dr. Fucky’s name wrong . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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