GHOSTED: ATF Visiting End Users; Requesting Forfeiture Of Polymer80 Kits

From The Firearm Blog –

Earlier today TFB reported on a story in the Wall Street Journal stating that the ATF had apparently conducted a search warrant at Polymer80 Inc, a company known for producing 80% firearm kits and related parts. These 80% builds, often referred to as “Ghost Guns” by media outlets, presumably because they can be built into firearms without needing to visit an FFL, have long been a topic of debate. This morning, an anonymous TFB reader provided additional information pointing to the ATF visiting end users and requesting the forfeiture of certain Polymer80 kits.

You think the incoming Harris administration meeting with the atf on the 10th of November was productive??

How long before the atf starts searching house to house for drill presses – grinders – files etc.?? Rewards to snitching commie fucks for tips phoned in?? Now I’m wondering if their going to show up looking for these ??

Plumbing supplies? -Verboten! / Common house hold cleaning products – Verboten! / Wrong Speak? – Verboten! / Wrong Think? – Verboten! / Too much red meat in your possession? – Verboten! / Watching the wrong tv shows? – Verboten! / visiting the wrong web sites? – Verboten! / too much money in the bank? – verboten! / No Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification Card? – Verboten!

Wow – Just Fucking Wow . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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