“Only hits count.”

Mrgunsngear posted this a couple of days ago and he addresses the difference between 38 Special and 357 Magnum in snub nose revolvers. And there is a difference – But is the difference worth the cost of admission?

As a side note – a scandium frame J-Frame at 11 oz would NOT be my first choice to shoot 357 Magnum out of – watch closely and you can see the difference in recoil between 38 and 357 – quite noticeable! And he pretty much “wins” the internet for the month when he says “only hits count” – as I have said several times before – PRACTICE is the key – and I don’t know anyone that practices with full power 357 Magnum in a snub nose –

Most folks go to the range and burn up 25 or 30 rounds of 130 full metal jacket jacket Winchester white box 38 Special and call it good. Very few ( I only know 3 personally and I am 1 of the 3 – LOL! ) folks practice with full power 38’s let alone 357 Magnum full power loads . . .

The bottom line – if you are not able to achieve shot placement – you are not getting the job done!!

As long as we are talking snubby’s . . .

Ain’t my new shirt cool?? Of course I make it look better . . .

Why looky there – a 642 with Hogue grips OWB and another one in my pocket – none on my ankle today – LOL . . .

If you are wondering where I got the shirt – It is available for purchase from “I’m with Roscoe”– a members exclusive item – What?? You don’t belong?? If you have a snub you belong in the club. Training tips / reloading tips / training videos / good prices on some good books – free eBooks available for download – Good Stuff!! Click Here to check them out!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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