Biden: ‘Gun Violence’ is a National Health Crisis that Warrants an Emergency Response

From TTAG . . .

President-elect Joe Biden didn’t take long in declaring a national health crisis to usher in emergency health epidemic gun control measures. With more than a month still left before he takes the oath of office, he laid the groundwork to seize on a “public health crisis” to push a gun grab.

He also did it on the anniversary of the horrific crimes committed in Newtown, Conn., eight years ago. For NSSF, this tragedy hits home. This is our community. We continue to grieve the loss of innocent lives at the hands of a heinous criminal. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris marked the grim anniversary with a ploy to enact the most bold and radical gun control agenda ever proposed.

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How Prussian of the commie cocksuckers -Little Jo-Jo figuratively – Da’ Ho figuratively AND LITERALLY proclaim YOU are GUILTY of the crime committed by someone else’s actions – the only way to stop violent guns is to take them away from YOU the law abiding – WTF??

And would someone please explain what exactly is a violent gun?? What in the Hell!! – Does a gun just decide one day to be violent?? I guess that’s why the commie fucks decree from their lofty perches that the guns should be kept locked up and the ammo locked up separately – Yep – that will stop criminals every time – limit magazine capacity? – yep that stops a criminal in his tracks – put a sign up that keeps those guns out because CRIMINALS obey signs – why not just pass a law that makes robbery illegal? – surely a criminal will obey that law ( yes I know you’re not Shirley but she has been known to lurk here ) – let’s just take away everybody’s means to protect themselves and life will be so wonderful . . .

Just think – a few more violations of The Constitution by these treasonous commie fucks and it will be . . .

I offer you this advice . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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