That Last Post – Let Me Ask – Do you believe “it” because you “see it” or “see it” because you believe “it”?

Was that pic from the post before this real?? – was the pic faked?? – was it a case of someone bearing a strong resemblance?? – What do YOU see??

According to THESE FOLKS it is a total fabrication . . .

One of the most famous “debunker sites” out was revealed to be a total dumpster fire – financed by one particular political party – so ask yourself how much belief do you place in this latest “darling” of the fact checker culture??

Let’s look at it again . . .

A lousy picture yes – John Roberts no – but that is just my opinion – I can neither prove nor disprove the reality of it since I was not present when the picture was taken so I just file it in the “ignore” file in my head and go on with life.

Anyway enough of that stuff – let’s move on to important stuff – anybody try the posole?? And yes I will walk y’all through chocolate covered bacon after the first of the year . . .

I cooked a brisket for a non-tyled ring bumping end of the year dinner meeting at lodge Saturday night – I was asked to show the recipe on here so I will get that post together this week – and it was a definitive OMFG that’s brisket is unbelievable “how do you find the time to cook like this” moment – you let the 12 to 24 hours of brining followed by 12 hours in the oven @ 205degress do all the work for you! Kinda like a crock pot only much bigger!

Cook Smarter – Not Harder!! – now go have salad and relax . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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