Kalashnikov by Boker – from Blade Hq

I have been wanting a knock around auto knife for a long time but I just couldn’t wrap my head around carrying a 200 to 400 dollar ( or more ) knife as a grunge knife – cutting everything from insulation off of wire to a chunk of sausage – something a little easier to utilize than my Gerber Freeman – so I ordered a Kalashnikov by Boker from BladeHq . . .

Comes in what looks like a scaled down AK magazine – neat packaging . . .

Cute little thing . . .

3.25 inch blade . . .

I have been carrying it for 6 weeks or so and I really like it – good texturing on the grips – the texture is cast into the grips – great spot for your thumb on top of the handle – good solid feel when it deploys and locks open – lightweight – the Gerber is a pretty heavy piece – I did have to spend a little time sharpening it – it just wasn’t quite “there” for an edge straight out of the box – the paint ( I assume it’s paint ) is showing a little “rub” wear but it’s carried all the time – may have to pick up another one – kind of a split the duty thing – LOL!

One thing to note : although made by Boker the spring is a “third party conversion” and only carries a one year warranty – but it’s a good deal at only around 42 bucks plus shipping – the price will vary as BladeHq has sales on various models of these almost non-stop – check out Boker knives at BladeHq HERE . . .

And as a bonus to the deal – BladeHq is a piece of cake to to deal with – fast shipping – well laid out website – and if you want to spend more – think high end knives – they have an incredible selection – have at it – or if you are considering an auto knife but don’t want to spend a ton of money – Boker knives from BladeHq might just be a fit for you . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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