The Left is Ramping up Their Stasi 2.0 – From “My Daily Kona”

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From My Daily Kona – The Left is Ramping up Their Stasi 2.0

 I Know quite a bit about the  STASI The East German Ministry of State Security that basically 1 out of 7 “Osters” spied on their neighbors, some willingly, most unwillingly because they got scarfed up in other “security” dragnets and were forced to spy on their neighbors or go to the East German Version of a “Gulag” or you would just “Vanish”.  The KGB were not as efficient as the East Germans were in setting up a police state, I guess something was said for Teutonic efficiency.   But Apparently there is a movement out there for people to start “snitching” on their neighbors, I am sure that there will be a central number they can call for extra EBT credits or help in paying down their student loan debt for snitching on their neighbors especially if it bears fruit.  I can see what this will do to the National Trust, you won’t know if your kids will squeal on you or if your niece, nephew , your kids who has been indoctrinated by that university that now believes that all conservatives are “Evil” and must be purged and their belongings seized for redistributions for “Reparation’s” or something along that line.  You think I am bullshitting?

Click through and read it for yourself – quite enlightening . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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