. . . and Little Lambs Eat Ivy – Operation Ivy : Mike Phase then King Phase

“The island of Elugelab is missing!” President Eisenhower heard this short report on the Mike shot in Operation Ivy from Gordon Dean, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. Mike was the first full-fledged hydrogen bomb to be tested. The island where the device was detonated was vaporized. The hole Mike left was big enough to accommodate several pentagon-size buildings and deep enough to hold the Empire State Building. Mike’s yield was an incredible 10.4 megatons, signaling the expansion of the nuclear arsenal from fission to fusion, the same process that occurs in the Sun.

The Mike phase was a “cab” weapon – the “device” was built in a building then detonated – the King phase was an air dropped device – to prove a smaller air deliverable “weapon” was feasible – that starts at about 40 minutes into the video . . .

This next video is like a Readers Digest condensed book version – kinda neat – has some clips out of an interview with Edward Teller . . .

And “The Andrews Sisters” bring it home for you . . .

Not really in a rant mode so I won’t go into the fact that there is no doubt these things worked – simply because soviet communism stayed in their sand box – it was called deterrence – remember SAC’s motto – Peace is Our Profession ( war is just a hobby – LMAO ) – but through complacency we have allowed american communists to flourish and seize control here . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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