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Just for Fun – What’s a Snub Gun?

While participation in SG² is open to all revolver enthusiasts, regardless of barrel length, we thought it would be fun to discuss what people consider a snub gun, also known as a snubby revolver.

Back when revolvers ruled the roost, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department posted the ten top-scoring shooters in the quarterly “qualifications” by category of gun. Revolvers were divided into 4″ or longer and less than four inches. 

There’s probably no argument that the quintessential American snub gun is a revolver with a nominally 2″ barrel. “Nominally” because such barrels range from the 1.875″ barrels on guns such as S&W’s Chief Special to 2.25″ on Ruger’s shorter SP101s. 

Some people argue for including barrel lengths up to 2.5 inches. This may be based on the fact that S&W’s introduction of the 2.5″ Model 19 and subsequent 2.5″ Model 66 resulted in acceptance of that barrel length as a snub gun in PPC competition. For whatever it’s worth:

Back when the privately operated National Law Enforcement Training Center was developing its system of handgun retention, it was noted that, while a 2″ barrel pretty much denied a disarmer any practical leverage, the extra half inch was enough to shift the equation. 

In the mid 1970’s, FBI briefly issued S&W Model 10 revolvers with 2.5″ barrels. They were unpopular with agents because of the short throw of the extractor rod and because, with their short sight radius, it was difficult to get a sharp sight picture with them in low light. They were subsequently replaced with 3″ Model 13 revolvers, which remained the standard duty guns until the transition to autoloaders. 

A few years ago, S&W offered some of their J-frame revolvers with 2.5″ barrels. They must not have been very popular as they seem to have been dropped from the lineup. 

Go check the site out . . .

And the Good Stuff just keeps coming – FREE – let me say that again – FREE – the spring edition of the SG2 2021 magazine – FREE book – The Snubby ChroniclesFREE articles – one by Grant Cunningham ( love his stuff! ) and others – and did I mention it’s all FREE?

Do YOU want to write an article about a snub ? – do a review ? – learn about snub pistols ? – Folks it’s all FREE – Trot your happy ass over there and check it out! – a lot of good information that can be utilized for using a pistol as well as a snubby – who knows – YOU might even get bit by the Snub Bug!


For those of you who were wondering about me saying something about NOT carrying a 5″ 1911 all the time – What do YOU think I’m carrying as a primary??

I admit it – instead of a 1911 ALL the time with a S&W 642 in my pocket – I’m carrying 2 ( or 3 ) snubbys on occasion – I am not saying I’m addicted to S&W 642’s – but we are in the middle of a complicated relationship – LMOA!

Go check it out – good stuff to be had – your only cost is the time to read it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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