ABC forgets’ documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry

Clutch YOUR pearls tightly real tight folks – the least polluting large scale energy production?? – nuclear – yep that’s right – nukes – until we figure out how to do fusion – the green “thing”? – think watermelon – green on the outside – red on the inside – that’s right – the communists have never stopped – want to build a coal fired plant? – kinda hard to start one right now since everybody capable of building one is already committed their company resources to building as many as they can – as quickly as they can – in China . . . You don’t here anyone crying about China and their coal fired economy do you?

I use solar for standby lighting – spring time thunderstorms and old trees in the area are not a good combination – for about $375 total outlay I have about 30 hours of lighting in the hacienda – I can’t get excited about total conversion for about $25,000 + at this point – this old barn is slated for sale when we retire – and that is dependent on our mood when we crawl out of bed on any given day – so far we have not both said fuck it at the same time – that’s all it would take – so no – I’m not going “off grid” here . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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