Have you Checked SG2 Out Yet? – Why Not??

Have you checked out the Snub Gun Study Group from Nick Walker yet??

On the FAQ page he has links to the most often asked question I get – and I know Nick is most likely getting these days – Bruce – I want to get a gun! – Which one? – Where do I start? – Nick has 4 links from real good and experienced people who can help you through the mental process of of deciding which gun – and point you to the physical process of learning how to best utilize for your situation – here’s one link to an article by Stephen Wenger called “Handgun Selection” – a lot of good stuff available on the site . . .

The primary focus of the site is snub nosed revolvers – and I’m sure as the site grows there will be additional “stuff” come on line concerning other types of hand guns – there is a lot of stuff out there already on auto loading pistols – Snubs? – not so much – so the focus will be primarily on snubbys . . .

On the downloads page the premiere issue of the SG2 magazine is available in PDF format – Free for the downloading – and a whole lot more . . .

Folks – I will run this post several times a week for about a month – trying to get this source of good information out to as many of you as I can – I do realize this humble site is a really big deal to 4 or 5 of you world wide . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and Remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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