Atomic Filmmakers

Over at “daily timewaster” he posted this clip – damn if I can remember which shot that it is from – the name totally escapes me . . .

It was a Nevada Test Site tower shot – the weapon was in a small structure or cab on top of a tower – the lines you see in the background are smoke rockets so the air movement around the event can be studied – the two protrusions you see running ahead of the fire ball are two of the guy wires turning into plasma as the initial energy burst of the device flows along them – the entire 8 to 10 seconds of the slow motion film clip that you are watching took only a micro second or so to occur – but the cool part?? It was captured on film and preserved . . .

This video gives you the background of the group of people that filmed this shot and in fact all of the shots – yes even the underground shots were filmed – remotely of course – LOL! – I knew it was out there somewhere – I just had to find it and get it posted for you folks . . .

Mentioned in the video is the Q clearance – you didn’t know what you were working on – what something did – or how at applied to anything – all you know is you have the clearance ( Clarence ) ( couldn’t help myself ) to do whatever the hell you were doing without any clue or point of reference to what exactly you were in fact doing – the amazing thing is for the most part they invented the techniques and methodology of the filming process as they were doing it – some really brilliant folks . . .

To this day I have to laugh when somebody says “THIS is fireproof” – duct tape “it” to a device – detonate said device – I assure you – NOTHING is fire proof – and yes I am sitting here Laughing My Ass Off!

Folks – you need to go check out the daily timewaster – great site – It’s on my daily list . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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