My New Flag Arrived!

The flags I ordered from Kent arrived this week – <<< His Blog Site Here >>> <<< His “Dull Hawk” Site Here >>> – just in time to fly in honor King George’s the child molesting communist usurper known as joe biden and his attack upon God the Creator – YOUR rights DO NOT come from the constitution – the constitution restricts government from violating YOUR God the Creator given rights – as long as the criminals thugs satanical fucks commie fucks worthless sacks of shit posing as humans stay inside the bounds of the constitution – it functions as it should – a protection for the elected and appointed individuals – as long as these sub humans stay in the box – they are safe – Let me put this another way – the vaccine ( talk about a LIE ) is not the plan for covid / covid is the plan for the vaccine — all these treasonous abuses by government over the past 14 months were all little baby steps – the plan to program you into accepting minor treasonous abuses as normal – now comes the big step out of the box – you accepting the real thing they want – to disarm you so they can really get it on in their violations of YOU and YOURS – if these things will do this to you while you are armed, just what do you think is going to happen when YOU are disarmed??

Go and get YOUR flag today – RIGHT NOW – JUST CLICK HERE – then come back here – See, that was easy – wasn’t it? Did you think to get two of them? One to fly and one to give away to a friend?? You didn’t?? What – no friends?

Hurry up and get one – Fly it before it becomes against some ordinance – regulation – code – law – executive action or whatever these things are calling their acts of treason this week . . .

I never thought in my wildest imaginings that I would see golems and demons walking freely about – but thinking about – I think they always have been walking among us . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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