Getting Started on My Next Build – I think I will make it Fully Semiautomatic . . .

My newest AR lower – can’t wait to to get it started . . .

Ain’t she a purty little thing . . .

Why just a wee bit of <<< This Action >>> and a wee bit of <<< That Action >>> and I will have me a fully semiautomatic AR lower – able to shoot through any building – knock the space station out of orbit – fire 10,000 round clipazines in 1.3 seconds – OH BOY!

A ghost gun to end all ghost guns . . .

I will have me a firearm to end all firearms – or will I???

Being the nice guy that I am – I am not going to tell you what to think or what conclusions to draw – go read for yourself – HERE – or HERE – See – that wasn’t hard – was it?

Under the ongoing cluster fuck act of treason known as the atf – their own definition states a firearm is 100% a firearm – or it isn’t. Period. End of story. A fully built AR lower is not a firearm – it will not chamber and fire a cartridge without an upper attached to it – an AR upper is not a firearm as it will not chamber and fire a cartridge without a lower attached to it . . .

Several judges are finally starting to hold the atf to their own rules – now we need to address the 2 ton elephant in the room – why are we allowing the atf ( and virtually all other federal “agencies” ) to get away with on going acts of treason?? I’m smply asking for a friend . . .

If I were to go to all the time and effort and start machining assorted “toys” – why would I waste my time building poodle shooters???

The real burning question is how long until common workshop items are banned? Drill presses – Grinders – Files – Common cleaning products – For Fuck’s sake – take a look under your sink! – on second thought don’t look under your sink – if you have ANY knowledge of chemistry it would scare the crap out of you – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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