You hate it when THAT happens . . .

One thing SAC lived by – If you fail to plan / you plan to fail – planners spent their entire careers putting “plans” in place to cover virtually any scenario for any situation . . .

And then put training programs together so the response to a given situation would be automatic and consistent throughout the command . . .

If something happened and the planners had not conceived of it occurring and did not already having a plan in place AND people trained for the plan – they got their collective asses in a very tight crack . . .

The current love of the 5 S program by industry? – 5 S is bullshit – SAC had PRIDEPersonal Responsibility In Daily Effort – there was simply no room for error – 100% effort / 100% of the time – if that did not work for you – then trot your happy ass back to the Air Force and finish out your enlistment there – SAC was the the place to be – if you could hack it – tough love and all that stuff . . .

Gen. LeMay chewed on cigars continuously – he even smoked a few – all the cigar chewing? – good practice for ass chewing – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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