My Blushing Bride is NOT Spoiled!! . . .

Let’s just say her material wants are WELL met – just saying . . .

I wanted to pick up a little something new and sharp for her the other day – something with just the “proper” amount of “Bling” – I headed to the Kershaw selection @ SMKW.COM and came up with this . . .

A spring assisted Kershaw Leek in purple – the color match is unbelievable . . .

And the fun part?? – I haven’t said a word to her – the next time she decides the “occasion” warrants “Bling” ( Sunday Go To Meeting / Bar-B-Q / Cat Fight / Bar Mitzvah / whatever ) and she carries her high polish CZ75 instead of her poly coat CZ75 – she’ll find it and be like “Oh you shouldn’t have” as she slips it in her pocket – LMAO!

I hope to get a review done on this one and the Leek I picked up for me sometime this week but don’t hold your breath – I am so far behind I have to speed up to stop . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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