What’s in your pocket Bruce??

In answer to that question . . .

YOU know YOU might get a better response if YOU use comments on the site instead of texts on the phone – just saying . . .

Don’t be all sketchy and shit worrying about your comment – the folks that follow this blog are not very judgemental – OK??

What you see is what I crawl out of the bed and gear up with to go and make my morning coffee – that is pretty much the minimum “stuff” I carry – some days I will add the 14 round mag for the CZ in my pocket – and add a J frame in an ankle holster – some days I really get into a 1911 jag – hard to beat a pair of 1911’s and a J frame in your pocket and one in an ankle holster . . .

I have sure been loving me some AREX Delta lately – it is what a GLOCK 19 should have evolved into – but they just won’t embrace the fact that there are better designs out here – if you get a chance to run one – the AREX Delta is quite a piece – almost enough to lure me to striker fired pistols full time . .

I even carry this old H&R once in a while – 38 S&W is not a power house cartridge – but it will sure drop the rounds where you want them . . ,

The biggest thing?? – Carry what YOU are comfortable with . . . Doesn’t have to be the latest / greatest / super high tech blaster – as long as you are able to get hits with it and you have confidence in IT and YOUR ability with IT – it’s all good . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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