Buck 639 Field Mate

A quick look for you folks – found another orphan that needed a loving home . . .

The initial clean up came out nice, don’t you think? – I couldn’t make myself take a pic of it when I started – it was being used as a drywall knife / tool – some people’s children – Hell – some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children . . .

It’s actually in good shape for a 1987 knife – if you are curious about how old your Buck knife is << CLICK HERE >> and go to Buck’s website and find out for yourself . . .

The first dressing on the blade brought out 4 or 5 tiny nicks – which is going to take longer than you can imagine to “cure” as the Buck 639 is a very hard steel and does not lend itself to setting the profile deeper into the blade – you would have been hard pressed to cut yourself with it when I started on it – it took about 30 minutes to get enough of an edge on it to find the nicks – you can’t really see them as much as feel them – the only way I got a decent look at them was with a magnifying glass . . .

For 30 bucks what do you expect? I’ll dump 2 to 4 more hours of labor into the edge and probably another hour into cleaning it and end up with a really great knife – in average condition they are moving at about 175 to 200 bucks – but the problem there being if I sell it there is no replacing it with anything equivalent for less than 4 to 6 hundred dollars . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!

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