A Question for You Folks

But First watch Colion Noir’s video – pretty good stuff – then a Question for YOU . . .

What the harsh reality is – we have had foisted upon us a form of government that isn’t what you think it is – “THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED” D.B.A. “the government of these several sovereign states” is a corporate entity – not the government as outlined in the constitution – and YOU – YOU – and Yes even YOU have been programmed to believe that you have constitutional rights – NEWS FLASH!! – You don’t have constitutional “rights” – the constitution is a box that is in place to confine government – to prevent government from interfering with YOUR God the Creator given rights – The corporate entity that was created was established to fuck you over royally and make you think they are doing it for your own good – or for the children – or to free the slaves – or to save the environment – or to protect us from ufo’s – or save us from a pandemic that is going to kill everybody – You do realize the gene modification therapy – oops – I meant to say vaccine – has killed more people than the KOOF / CHINK FLU has in the past 15 months – I don’t know about you folks – but I’m having a terrible time sleeping – what with the continual wailing of the sirens from the ambulances hauling all the dead and dying people – by the millions and millions and millions – to the hospitals – But – I said I was was going to ask you a question ( actually three questions ) – and they are rhetorical questions -and I’m simply asking for a friend . . .

#1 – Can you commit an act of treason against a corporation? – #2 – Can you overthrow a corporation? – #3 – Wouldn’t that be a hostile corporate takeover? – Those happen all the time in this country – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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