The Flora-Bama Beach Bar

Do you guys remember the movie “Batteries Not Included“? How the little old building was buried amongst all the high rise stuff all around it?

The Flora-Bama is buried in and amongst a huge string of condo’s – we almost missed it entirely – LOL! It is by outside appearances underwhelming – we got there way before opening time and did not feel like waiting for it to open – it sits in two buildings – one on each side of the road and looks like it would be a blast – if we were 40 years younger and we were staying in one of the nearby condo’s – unless you are TOTALLY stupid – drunk in public will get you drug back to your condo – DUI ?? – let’s just say you don’t want to entangle yourself in either Florida or Alabama with that mess . . .

GO HERE and check them out on their site . . .

We were just creeping along amazed by all the development . . .

Trust me when I say it was NOTHING like this 40 years ago . . .

But not to fear – we got the “classic” Flora-Bama pic – my Blushing Bride with one cheek in Florida and one cheek in Alabama – and trust me – I did NOT tell her “Damn darling – your ass so wide it spreads across 2 states” – I am NOT suicidal – just saying . . .

I said “Maybe we should come down here to Perdido Key for a week” – we looked at each other and said the same thing at the same time – “Hell No!” – way too much hustle/bustle – but if a party type vacation is your cup of tea . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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