Before Interstate 80 – The Lincoln Memeorial Highway AKA Dirty Thirty

Prior to the Interstate Highway System you got from hither to yon on state and U.S. highways – Route 66 is probably the most recognizable one out there – highway 30 connects New Jersey to Oregon – and in one way is unique in that it is still a commissioned highway – pretty decent write up on WIKI about it – in a lot of small towns where the “main” street was wide enough – “Dirty Thirty” was routed right through the middle of town – traveling on parts of it today that still run through the towns along the way you really get to see quite a slice of Americana . . .

The routing of Interstate 80 really made or broke a lot of business’s – every interchange become a development opportunity – which in turn become a revenue source for the local jurisdictions through taxes – and yes there was a tremendous amount of politics involved with the routing of Interstate 80 and the rest of that highway system – as well as U.S. and state highways . . .

I am not going to rant about politics here – nope – ain’t gonna do it – I just want you to sit back and enjoy the video . . .

Don’t you wish you had a barn full of them old cars???

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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