Spyderco Alcyone

Was at my local gun store to grab some 9mm – yes they actually had some in stock – and was headed out the door and this little gem caught my eye – The Spyderco Alcyone – the grey G10 scales really look good to me – price wise? Same cost as on line with shipping so I gave the little darling a new home – I know, I’m a soft touch for orphans . . .

About 4 1/2 inches closed . . .

Not quite 7 1/2 open . . .

The drop point blade has just about the right amount of “belly” – CTS-BD1 steel is supposed to be decent stuff – real nice edge – sharp but doesn’t feel “fragile” – the G10 scales are grippy but not abrasive – time will tell as I carry it – my “pocket” knife is used for cutting everything what needs to be cut – I don’t pry – scrape – turn screws – or otherwise abuse my “pocket” knife and this feels like it will do a good job . . .

Rolls open real smooth with either thumb – the pocket clip can be used in all 4 positions or left off – however YOU want to roll with it – even has a lanyard hole!

Good positive engagement of the liner lock – I will carry it for a while and see how it does – cleaned up the Gerber Flatiron and put it up in the knife box – it cut the snot out of anything and everything I used it for – never got the chance to chop up a body with it – but the Flatiron “felt” like it was up to the task if needed – zero complaints with it . . .

Totally subjective – but the Spyderco “feels” like a smaller knife despite its size – real good “feeling” of control when cutting – and yes I will do some kitchen tasks with it – might even remember to wash it first! – LMAO!

What’s in YOUR pocket??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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