From Taylor Martin : 7 BEST EDC KNIVES UNDER $50

Pretty interesting video . . .

Really good video – if you click through and watch on YouTube he has all the knives linked in the description – click and go straight to BladeHq to buy . . .

What Taylor Martin gives you here is a look at a variety of EDC knives – pros and cons – albeit from his point of view – his pick(s) might not be YOUR pick(s), but it gives you a look at different options. He is not a big fan of auto knives or even spring assist knives – Me? I am a huge fan of them – different strokes / different folks

One of the limitations of this media (blogging) is it is essentially a static medium – you read stuff – look at the pics – sometimes a short clip – and go on from there. For instance – When I picked up and handled the Spyderco Alcyone it was essentially an impulse buy – looked good – felt good – sure you bet – I’ll take it. Now to convey that “feels” into words and make sense out of it? Your kidding, right? My granddaughter thinks I should do the YouTube thing – I’m like No and let’s leave it at that . . .

I can screw stuff up good enough just blogging . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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