Knives Under 20 Bucks?? – You Bet!

Knives are just about “the more you spend – the more you get” kind of thing – to a point – see what I did there – right? You get much over $150 bucks or so and the differences get very hard to tell. Sorta like a $400 dollar 1911 vs a $4000 dollar 1911 – they both do the exact same thing – fit and finish vary greatly – but the bottom line – you are chunking 230 grain hardball – slide to frame fit is nice – but the important fit is slide to bushing to barrel fit . . .

As with 1911’s there is an entire world of inexpensive but good knives out there – Some names to look at – Frost – Rough Ryder – Schrade – Old Timer – just to name a few . . .

Here’s a video from the guys at Blade Hq showing you a nice selection of knives under $20 dollars – Enjoy!

Me personally I have a weakness for old knives – pawn shop and garage sale finds – and Old Timer Knives . . . and Uncle Henry . . . and Frost Knives . . . and . . . well you get the idea!

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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