German Bull Dirt Buster – Oh So Sweet

Love them – or hate them – which I will address later – Frost Cutlery has kept many brands in the marketplace which otherwise would have gone away – German Bull Brand is amongst those brands . . .

What we have here is a German Bull Dirt Buster – the pic of the box shows the stock number FRGBxxxxxx – Which is Frost / German Bull / German made – Smoky Mountain had this on sale for Labor Day for $29.00 ( $10.00 off the list price ) – so I added it to the order – no disappointment here on arrival . . . ( the knife is still on sale as I am posting this )

At just under 7 inches it not the biggest knife on the block but it makes up for it with fit / finish / and good looks . . .

Sod Buster knives, or the smaller Dirt Buster knives are also called “Farmer’s knives” – the normal pattern is a single blade and no bolsters – Why no bolsters you ask? Metal bolsters add to the cost with more material and more production labor and these were marketed to the worker – a decent blade at a decent price point – horn or wood or bone handles – nothing fancy . . .

Brass liners – good blade centering – brass pins that look real good with the red jigged bone scales – a side note – one of the pins is not quite set “right” – same issue I noticed with the Rough Ryder “Sunfish” – I have had 5 or 6 people handle both the “Dirt Buster” and the “Sunfish” and not a single one picked up on the pins – maybe it is just me . . .

The high polish blade is just like a mirror and nice and sharp right out of the box – I need to pick up a Case knife in this pattern just to compare – as good an excuse to grab another knife as any other reason – Right?

Bottom line? You don’t have one in this pattern in your collection yet because . . . . . .

Let’s take a minute and talk about “Frost” – Frost has produced some very low quality stuff over the years – but – they also produce some very good quality stuff – overall I believe their quality has gotten quite a bit better over time – and they have managed to keep many brands and patterns alive – one of my favorites is Hen & Rooster – the quality and value of those knives are comparable to just about any other production knife out there – Frost is now marketing knives made in Pakistan – and before you start – they are 440 steel and the fit and finish are good – I buy them in bulk – 12 or 24 packs – and give them away for birthdays and Christmas gifts to coworkers – acquaintances – friends etc. As far as Frost’s “Cutlery Corner” thing on cable and internet live streaming – pay attention to what you’re buying is the best advice I can offer to you . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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