Which Knife do You USE the Most?

Most folks carry a “pocket” knife / tactical knife – I know a lot of people who carry the latest and greatest “Tacticool” knife – BUT – which one – or two – do you use the MOST?

One of my favorite kitchen knives? – Gil Hibben Ulu – this particular one in fact . . .

A search for “Ulu” at Smoky Mountain gets you to these . . .

Pick one up up – the Ulu pattern is a little bit different feel – but once you get used to them – it’s like “Why haven’t I been using one of these all along?”

But Bruce – I already got a set of XXXX brand kitchen knives! – The question I have for YOU – Would you use a flat blade screwdriver to remove a Phillips head screw? – No – of course not – kitchen knives are the same – each blade shape/length are somewhat task specific – the more exact of a match you achieve between the kitchen knife and the task you are doing with it makes the task easier – and more enjoyable – and Ulu knives are GREAT for chopping tasks . . .

Everyone should own one – or two – or three – GOOD kitchen knives – food prep should be enjoyable – not a drudgery thing you have to get through to eat . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket kitchen??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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