Friday Music – A Look at Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions

Unless you grew up in a vacuum – you saw ( and enjoyed! ) the movie “Superfly” – the look and feel of it was good – but the music made it GREAT – Here’s a few from Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions – and right on top – the icing on the cake is a 2 hour documentary about the group.

A question for YOU – How many times did you see the movie at the drive-in?? I saw it at least five times – that I can recall – What were we talking about again?? – That’s right – Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions!

Watch the documentary then go watch the movie and pay attention to both and you realize Curtis Mayfield just about had to do the soundtrack for “Superfly” – and if you ponder on it too long you might even start thinking that maybe he should of had something to do with the screen play – I believe if Curtis Mayfield would have had been allowed creative input into it the movie would have had a much greater positive impact on society – My Blushing Bride tells me I over think way too much stuff – Enjoy!

And a few from Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions . . .

And was there any doubt in your mind that you wouldn’t get the full soundtrack from “Superfly”?? I didn’t think so – feel free to go ahead and play it in the background at work today – and if the boss comes around and grumbles – tell him or her that YOU have MY permission to listen to it . . .

Just tell the wet blanket boss “If you don’t start no shit – there won’t be none . . .”

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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