101 Things Every Lock Picker Should Know

When I have spare moments – LMAO – and I’m not doing the nap thing – and want to occupy my time with “fidgety” stuff – lock picking scratches that itch nicely . . .

Pretty decent video I ran across . . .

Places to buy “stuff” – two that I have used that come to mind – sparrowslockpicks.com and covertinstruments.com – start simple and you can always add to your kit – you tube sites to get you started – lock picking lawyerbosnian billsparrows lock picks even has a few up there on the tube.

I am not a lawyer – nor do I play one on television – BUT – if you don’t own the lock you are picking and own what that lock is securing – you might be fucking up – Your Actual Mileage May Vary – just saying . . .

Had to work WAY too many hours/shifts this past 11 days – when your young picking up an extra 8 hour shift or two is kind of a fun thing – when you are an old fart and those extra shifts are 12 hour shifts – there is no gravity – it simply sucks. Got a bunch of posts on the back of the stove – the reality is I hope to drop a bunch of old time radio Halloween stuff on you guys – as far as taking pics and putting real live posts together? Folks – I’m sitting here nodding off in the middle of this . . .

fuck it – nap time . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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