At the beginning of the video reference is made of a large number of “tests” – here’s an aerial pic of Yucca Flats – there are areas of the test site that you cannot exit your vehicle for another 300 years or so – there are some insanely hot “spots” on the site . . .

The 50’s and 60’s – Good Times – if you want something for some “light” reading – “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons” ( will open in a PDF ) is available on line – “if” you are so inclined and really want some interesting reading dive into the phenomena known as “ground slap” – really a neat facet to look into – the main idea is the shock wave from the low altitude air burst and the shock wave through the ground meet and travel through a given point at the same time creating maximum surface AND sub-surface disruption at a given point – determined by device yield and the detonation altitude – realize the air borne shock wave diminishes rapidly – but close in it is significant – unless you just say the hell with it and dig it out in the crater . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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