Why Knives?

I chase down knives as well as firearms simply because there are so many “different” ones out here in the wild – the odd ball pistols have gotten so few and far between – think hen’s teeth . . .

Two knife patterns I have been looking for are the Hammer Brand Folding Bowie and the Marbles Brand Folding Bowie . . .

The Hammer Brand Folding Bowie –

The replicas are no longer in production and are hard to find – doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking! . . .

The Marbles Brand Folding Bowie –

The Marbles are still in production but are tough to find in stock – there are only two places that show them in their product listing – as out of stock of course – But I FOUND one in stock – ordered it – And it’s ON THE WAY!!

The good folks at Knifecountryusa.com have a great selection of “stuff” and a truly incredible selection of Marbles – go check them out!

Next? Maybe a Marbles Safety Axe . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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