That Ugly “P” Word. Again.

In many of my firearm posts I stress Practice – Practice – Practice – Hence the reference to “That Ugly “P” Word” . . .

I want you folks to watch this video and pay particular attention starting at about the 1:18 mark – the officer has shot his pistol dry – slide is locked back – and he is attempting to strip the empty magazine out of his pistol – you have to press the magazine release to release the magazine – which he fails to do . . .

One More Time – PRACTICE!

You can do it simply enough – First NO AMMO IN THE ROOM! – empty pistol with the slide locked back – empty magazine in the pistol – pistol held in shooting grip – now release the magazine – you may have to alter your shooting grip to engage the magazine release – you may have to strip the magazine out with your other hand if it does not drop free – put the empty magazine back in the pistol – re-establish your shooting grip and do it again – 25 reps a day for month or so should for most folks establish that set of actions as a reflexive movement – after that 5 to 10 times every couple of weeks should be often enough ( for most of you ) to keep the magazine release “memory” fresh in your list of reflexive movements – and I don’t know about YOU – but I can hear a training officer or two ( or more ) hollering at his or her computer screen while watching this . . .

How many times did Jerry Miculek practice reloading to achieve 12 shots in 2.99 seconds? – 5,000? – 10,000? I don’t have a clue ( chances are neither does Jerry – LOL ) – but the motions involved became a reflex action for him – he didn’t think about doing it – he simply did it . . .


Let me step off my soap box now . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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