Fisking one of the many Dumb Hot Takes on The Rittenhouse Case

From Monster Hunter Nation – For the full article CLICK HERE – the comments are worth the trip!

“In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse trial there are a bunch of posts like this floating around social media. They all work off the same talking points so they are basically interchangeable. These are all being shared to bamboozle the gullible and shore up the dedicated idiots. I picked this one because of how many lies and distortions it packed into one post. Going into detail on all of his fuck ups would take a book, so this is kind of a turbo fisk, and it’s still long. I know I’ve got a ton of lawyers who read these, so if I screwed anything up let me know.

As usual, the idiot I’m fisking is in italics. My responses are in bold.

From a military legal worker:

– after you read this you’ll agree that’s almost certainly a lie or a bit of exaggeration.

I’m seeing a lot of ignorance and misinformation flying around about what happened in Kenosha,

– so he’s about to add to it.

and I’m going to set the record straight from a professional legal position…

– as you will see, this is a horseshit. Instead he obfuscates the law to sell a narrative.

as well as from a former military position.

– utterly irrelevant appeal to authority. Military experience has nothing to do with civilian self-defense law. That’s like Neil DeGrasse Tyson syndrome, where you know about astronomy, so obviously we all want to hear your dumbass opinion on every other topic.

Well worth the read – Go and Enjoy!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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