The Most Overlooked Advantage of the.38 Special VS the 9mm

Pretty good video from ” Gun Sam Revolver Aficionado” . . .

And if you want your mind screwed up – go down below the video and I will ramble on senselessly for a few lines concerning the two – 9mm – 38Special . . .

Briefly – size matters ( that’s what she said ) Bruce . . . just stop! – Nope, I never will – but that’s why a lot of you folks keep showing up – LOL!

Semi-automatics are reliable as a full size platform – I have NEVER had a failure with a full size Glock Brand Glock that was not ammo or grip related – Never. period. But when you get away from the full size platforms reliability tends to start slipping away – not so much with Glock pistols – more so with others – then you add different bullet profiles to the mix and you start encountering more issues – 1911 platform pistols were designed around a full sized platform and 230 grain hardball – change that and you are changing the reliability factor – and none of it is that much of a difference – although some semi-automatic pistols just don’t like hollow points – flat nosed bullets – semi wad cutters – even in a full size platform – reducing the size can and does effect reliability – How much? That is the real question – you can pretty much count on the round in the chamber going bang – it is when you need that second or third or more rounds and your super sub micro mighty blaster chokes loading that second round – that’s a hell of a time to realize that the flying ashtray rounds you bought for it aren’t reliable – Please folks – buy 3 or 4 hundred rounds of the super defensive ammunition that you think is going to work for you and run it through the pistol you are going to carry it in – get used to point of aim – recoil – muzzle blast – and the biggest issue – make sure it will run in your gun!

38special revolvers – oh hell yes – if you can get in the cylinder – it should go down the barrel without any issue – my personal favorite for K frame S&W revolvers – 158 grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter Hollow Point – preferably with gas checks – <<< Click Here >>> – obviously feeding is NOT an issue – LOL – excellent terminal performance – and manageable out of a S&W Model 10 / 4inch – pretty close to point of aim as well. At one point I had 6 of them – I had one on me or within reach for almost 30 years and they were all loaded all the time with the above mentioned round.

And for the bestest little pocket gun in the world – the S&W 642 – And before the butt hurt begins – try a simple test . . .

Take your super sub micro mighty blaster and stuff it in your jacket / coat pocket and empty the magazine – you didn’t realize you just spent $600 or more bucks on a single shot pistol – did you?

And if you don’t want to poke holes in a hoodie? Get several old towels – take a 642 – pick it up and wrap your hand in the towel – 5 bangs every time – now do that with your semi-automatic super sub micro mighty blaster – wow – all that moneys for a single shot!

If you are going to try this – be very careful!! It’s a real easy way to fuck up and shoot yourself – and don’t forget the hoodie or the towel is more than likely going to be on fire after you shoot . . .

When I wear any kind of jacket / coat I walk around with my hands in the pockets – and each one is holding a 642 – 10 rounds on deck – I always have one hand or the other or both in a pocket . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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