Big Country Ex Patriot has a POINT!

My Blushing Bride told me not long ago – “I always just poo pooed your crazy conspiracy trash you are always babbling about – but damn if we ain’t living it ( them ) right now today – even all that UFO stuff is NOW in the mainstream media!

Folks – these Golems and Demons seeking to control and enslave us have never hidden a damn thing – the looney tunes factory – holly weird – has been showing and telling us through movies and television PROGRAMMING exactly how and where this whole pile is headed – why do you think it’s called television PROGRAMMING ??

Trot your happy ass over to Big Country and read <<< THIS POST >>>

“Media’s” job is now to convince 85%+ of the country what 5% or 10% of the country believes is what 85%+ believes – Lying liars lying.

If you do nothing else this weekend – spend 30 minutes THINKING about what YOU have been programmed for over the past 12 months – then try 24 months – and so on . . . You ARE BEING LIED TO CONTINUOUSLY – probably the biggest unquestioned lie currently – “we must vaccinate the non vaccinated to protect the vaccinated” – exactly what and why were YOU vaccinated?? If the vaccination is what it is “alleged” to be – why in the name of God and all that is holy do you need to be concerned about someone who is NOT vaccinated??

The Wahoo ( with apologies to David Letterman! ) Flu is simply the means being utilized to introduce the biological weapon into the masses – and these ignorant fucking people are lining up for it – Sweet Bearded 7 pound Baby Jesus – we are truly fucked . . .

Go back and listen to “Strange Days” again and think about the lyrics – all the goings on being fed into your mind continuously – non-stop / never ending – never time to sort it out or think about any of it before the next module is down loaded into your sub conscious mind – and it knows what do do with it – it programs you with it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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